ithell colquhoun magician born of nature
All texts copyright Richard Shillitoe



Oil on board. 36 x 24in. (89.5 x 59.5cm.) Signed and dated. Provenance Hove Museum and Art Gallery, purchased 1981. Exhibited London, Mayor Gallery, 1939, no. 12. Oxford, The Ashmolean Museum, 1939, no. 19. London, The Leicester Galleries, 1940, no. 122. Harrogate, Art Gallery, 1941, no. 21. London, Leva Gallery, 1974, (as 1938), no. 10, ill. col. on cover. Penzance, Newlyn Gallery, 1976, no. 5. London, Parkin Gallery, 1977, no. 18. London, Parkin Gallery, 1978, no. 7. London, Parkin Gallery, 1978, (Summer), no. 8. London, Hayward Gallery, 1979-80, no. 6.44, ill. b/w. Literature The London Bulletin, 1939, no. 17, ill. b/w p. 6. Apollo, Jan. 1978, ill. b/w p. 63. Jones, 2007, ill. col. Ratcliffe, 2007, ill. b/w pl. 25. John Bayliss, the poet and literary editor, wondered whether Interior was based on the Long Gallery at Chiswick House, the neo-Palladian Villa only a short distance from Colquhoun’s studio. There are similarities, but Professor Watkin of Peterhouse, Cambridge, in a letter dated 4/3/03 wrote that the room ‘looks a bit like a decorator’s design of the 1920s, for the proportion of the French windows and their glazing at the far end is not really Georgian or classical, but more 20th Century in flavour.’