ithell colquhoun magician born of nature
All texts copyright Richard Shillitoe



Oil on canvas. 22 x 22in. (55.9 x 55.9cm.) Signed and dated: ‘Colquhoun/39’. Provenance Sotheby’s, 10 June 1981, lot 176. Exhibited London, Mayor Gallery, 1939, no. 5. Northampton, Art Gallery, 1939. Oxford, The Ashmolean Museum, 1939, no. 20. London, The Leicester Galleries, 1940. Harrogate, Art Gallery, 1941, no. 22. London, Hamet Gallery, 1971, no. 30. London, Leva Gallery, 1974, no. 13. Penzance, Newlyn Gallery, 1976, no. 8. London, Parkin Gallery, 1977, no. 20. Literature Chadwick, 1985, p. 153. One of the Méditerranée series. This is an industrial artefact, supposedly an anchor, although the flukes are very strange, lying on a disc that has both organic and inorganic elements. The work is square. The lower corner of the anchor lies at the golden section of the vertical and horizontal dimension and also on the diagonal that runs from lower left to upper right.