ithell colquhoun magician born of nature
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star painting


Oil on silver foil-backed card. 17¾ x 13¾in. (45 x 35cm.) Monogrammed and dated ’64. Provenance Lay’s, Penzance, 2 June 1994, lot 416. Lays, Penzance, 14 Oct. 2003, lot 149, ill. col. Private collection. Exhibited London, FBA Galleries, 1965, no. 146. Berlin, Kunstamt Wilmersdorf, 1969, no. 12. Bristol, The Arts Centre, 1970, no. 8. Penzance, Newlyn Gallery, 1976, no. 28. This is a companion piece to Day-Star I (1963). This painting depicts the second supernal triangle of the Tree of Life, painted in the colour attributions of the world of Briah, the world of creation. The spheres are Geburah, Chesed and Tiphareth. The positioning of the star suggests the passage of the lightening flash. The decalcomania counterpart is with the NT.