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This bibliography is an outline only and limited to pieces published by Colquhoun during her lifetime. For information about later reprints and for works published for the first time since her death, see the complete bibliography in I Saw Water: An Occult Novel and Other Selected Writings  edited by Richard Shillitoe and Mark Morrisson (2014), Pennsylvania: Penn State University Press which also includes more information about each item. Two items escaped the attention of Shillitoe and Morrisson. They are: 1. “Extract from Au Château d’Argol by Julien Gracq.” In New Road 1944, edited by Alex Comfort and John Bayliss, 189-98. Billericay, Essex: The Grey Walls Press. Translation from the French of Chapter 1 of the novel. 2. “There are no Pointless Jests”. The Circle double issue nos. 7-8 (1946):    126-27. Translation from the French of a poem  by Georges Henein. Information about any items not included in the list would be gratefully received. 1930                           “The Prose of Alchemy.” The Quest 21 no. 3: 294-303. 1939                           “The Double Village.” London Bulletin no. 7 (1938-1939): 23. Untitled autobiographical statement. London Bulletin double issue, nos. 8-9, (1939): 10. “The Moths.” London Bulletin no. 10: 11. “What do I need to paint a picture?” London Bulletin no. 17: 13. “The Volcano.” London Bulletin, no. 17: 15-16. “The Echoing Bruise.” London Bulletin, no. 17: 17-18. 1941                           “Uxor Spiritualis.” Life and Letters Today 31 no. 52: 207-210. 1942                           “Nature Note.” In The Fortune Anthology; Stories, Criticism and Poems, edited by John Bayliss, Nicholas Moore, and Douglas Newton, 29. London: The Fortune Press. 1943                           “Triad.” Poetry Quarterly 5: 31. Extract from Goose of Hermogenes. In New Road 1943, edited by Alex Comfort and John Bayliss, 196-7. Billericay, Essex: The Grey Walls Press. “The Water-stone of the Wise.” In New Road 1943, edited by Alex Comfort and John Bayliss, 198-9. Billericay, Essex: The Grey Walls Press. “Public Art.” The Tribune, November 12: 18. 1944                           “Aged Six.” View series 4, no. 2: 52. “Les Grandes Transparentes.” The Bell 8, no. 6: 537. “Public Art.” World Digest February: 65-66. “Possibilities for True Fresco.” The Illustrated Carpenter and Builder. March 17: 283-84.. 1945                            “True Fresco.” The Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, January 19: 59. “True Fresco - 2.” The Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, February 9: 154. “True Fresco - 3.” The Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, February 16: 186. “Preparation of Gesso Panels for Decorative Painting.” The Illustrated Carpenter and Builder, September 7: 986, 988, 990. 1946                             Replies to a questionnaire. Le Savoir Vivre. Brussels: Le Miroir Infidèle. “Echoes of Voodoo.” Jazz Forum 1: 21. Four poems in translation. In Transformation 4, edited by Stefan Schimanski and Henry Treece, 97-100, 109. London: Lindsay Drummond Ltd. 1947                               Three poems in translation. In A Mirror for French Poetry, edited by Cecily Mackworth, 64-67. London: Routledge. 1948                              “The Myth of Santa Warna.” The Glass no. 1: np. Two poems in translation. Adam: International Review 16 no. 189: 17. 1949                              “The Mantic Stain.” Enquiry 2 no. 4: 15-21. One poem in translation. The Poetry Review 40 no. 4: 240-243. 1951                            “Children of the Mantic Stain.” Athene 5 no. 2: 29-34. “An Aspect of Popular Taste.” Athene 5 no. 3: 51. “Little Poems on Hidden Themes.” The Glass no. 7: np. “from Goose of Hermogenes.” The Glass no. 7: np. 1953                           “Roads of the Moon.” In Springtime; an Anthology of Young Poets and Writers edited by George. S. Frazer and Iain Fletcher, 95-99. London: Peter Owen. The volume also contains five poems by Colquhoun  and three poems translated by her from the French. “The Night Side of Nature.” The Glass no. 8: np. “Diagrams of Love. “ The Glass no. 8: np. “Little Poems on the Theme of the Way.” The Glass no. 9: np. Replies to a questionnaire. The Glass no. 9: np. 1954                           Three poems. The Glass no. 10: np. Translations from the French. The Glass no. 11: np. Two poems. Grub Street no 3: 10. Two Poems. Grub Street, no 4: 10. “Heaven and Earth.” The London Broadsheet no. 1 np. Three poems. The London Broadsheet no. 1 np. 1955                           “My Sister and I.” The London Broadsheet no. 2: np. “Divination up-to-date.” The London Broadsheet no. 2: np. “Portrait of a Magician: Austin Osman Spare.” The London Broadsheet no. 3: np. “The Lamia.” The London Broadsheet no. 3: np. “The Dying-Kick of the Dying-God.” The London Broadsheet no. 4: np. One poem. The London Broadsheet no. 4: np. “Unidentified Flying Objects.” The London Broadsheet no. 5: np. One poem. The London Broadsheet no. 5: np. “The Goat without Horns.” Other Voices no. 1: 1. The Crying of the Wind: Ireland. London: Peter Owen. Two extracts from The Crying of the Wind: Ireland. In The Irish Digest November: 13-15. 1957                           The Living Stones: Cornwall. London: Peter Owen. “Preface.” In English Masterpieces 700-1800 edited by H.W. Herrington. London: Peter Owen. Book review.  Prediction December: 51-52. 1958                           Two extracts from Goose of Hermogenes. In Springtime Two; an Anthology of Current Trends in Literature edited by Peter Owen and Wendy Owen, 36-46. London: Peter Owen. The anthology also contains three poems by Colquhoun and translations by her of three French poems. “Sarn Elen.” The Aylesford Review 2 no. 3: 94. “The Crown and the Kingdom: the Qabalah.” Prediction May: 39-41. “The Crown and the Kingdom: the Ten Sephiroth.” Prediction June: 36-37. “The Crown and the Kingdom: the Twenty-two Paths.” Prediction July: 39-41. “The Crown and the Kingdom: The 400 Desirable Worlds.” Prediction August: 37-40. 1961                           Goose of Hermogenes. London: Peter Owen. Two poems. In Springtime Three; an Anthology of Prose and Poetry edited by Peter Owen and Michael Levien, 103-105. London: Peter Owen. 1962                           “L’Isle de la Fleur Nocturne.” Fantasmagie no 9: 16-17. “Liturgical Reformation?” The Aylesford Review 5 no. 1: 20-22. 1963                           “La Goélette ‘Étoile du Soir’” Soleils Paris, 4: 53-55. 1967                           Three poems. The Clan Colquhoun Society Newsletter no. 3: np. 1968                           Two poems. Ore no. 12: 7. “Island of Mystery.” Prediction 34 no. 4: 21-22. “The Church with a Crooked Spire.” Prediction 34 no. 7: 11-12. “The Light of the Cross.” Prediction 34 no. 9: 6-8, 44. “Still Mythical Ireland.” The Times Educational Supplement September 20: 537-39. 1969                           “The Revealer.” The Cornish Review no. 12: 12. “The Thirteen Treasures of the Isle of Britain.” Prediction 35 no. 6: 12-14. “Meditation begins at Home.” Prediction 35 no. 8: 9-10. “In the Light of Cornwall.“ The Times Educational Supplement January 27: 153-154. “Magna Mater.” The Times Educational Supplement October 10: 35-37. 1970                           Book review. 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London: Neville Spearman. “Egypt and the Nile.” The Times Educational Supplement January 3: 23. 1976                           Introductory essay. Ithell Colquhoun: Surrealism, Paintings, Drawings, Collages 1936-76. Penzance: Newlyn- Orion Galleries. 1977                           Book review. Ore no. 22: 37. 1978                           “The Taro as Colour.” Sangreal 1 no. 2: 31-33. 1979                           Book review. Ore no. 23/24 (double issue): 46-47. “Pilgrimage.” Sangreal 2 no. 1: 29-31. “The Zodiac and the Flashing Colours.” The Hermetic Journal no. 4: 5-7. “Colour and the Two Sigils.” The Hermetic Journal no. 4: 8-9. “Memoir of E.J.L. Garstin.” The Hermetic Journal no. 6: 11. “Notes on the Colouring of the Homer's Golden Chain Diagram.” The Hermetic Journal no. 6: 15-17. “Mr Test and the Strawberry Blondes.” South West Review no. 6: 68. Three poems. 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Dunganon, Örkeljunga, Sweden, 1983. “A Dream.” Wood and Water 2 no. 6: 3. “Uath.” Wood and Water 2 no. 7: 3. “I cannot say where it is … “ The New Celtic Review March 1980 p.9 “The Scythian Tamberlain” The New Celtic Review Midwinter to Brigantia 1983 p.2 “A short list of superstitions and pagan practices Translated by Ithell Colquhoun from the Capitularia Regum Francorum Paris 1677” The New Celtic Review Midwinter to Brigantia 1983 p.2
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