ithell colquhoun magician born of nature
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catalogue: index of titles

The index INCLUDES works which have one or more of the following: an artists’ title, a signature, an exhibition or a sale history. In other words, works that were probably regarded as finished by the artist. It EXCLUDES sketches, studies, cartoons, commercial work (such as posters and designs for book jackets), student work and works created in connection with her magical activities, unless any of the inclusion criteria, above, have been met. Works are indexed alphabetically by title, disregarding the definite or the indefinite article. So, for example, A Visitation is listed under ‘V’. At present, only certain titles, in particular those works referred to individually elsewhere on this website, can be clicked. This leads to further information about that particular work. It is hoped, in time, to extend this to all works that have been indexed. In the meantime, consult the catalogue in Shillitoe (2010) ‘Ithell Colquhoun: Magician Born of Nature’. Alternatively, for information about a particular work, send an email.. Dimensions are given in both metric and imperial units. Where works are unknown out of frame, dimensions are given as sight size (ss). Height always prededes width. Works for which a reasonably accurate date cannot be advanced are designated ‘nd’. The abbreviations “NT” and “TGA “occur frequently in the “provenance” section. This is because by the terms of her will Colquhoun bequeathed the artwork remaining in her studio at the time of her death to the National Trust (NT) except for ‘works of a technical occult nature’ which she left to the Tate Gallery, London. Neither party could agree on what this phrase meant and the matter went to arbitration. Eventually, works were identified that appeared to meet this requirement and these were transferred from the NT to the Tate Gallery Archive (TGA). If any reader has any information on any of Colquhoun’s art work, to supplement or correct anything written here, I would be most grateful to learn of it.
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