ithell colquhoun magician born of nature
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Machine for Conjuration c.1940 Madagascar Aroid c.1936 Madame Primmer 1932 Madeleine in her Coffin 1933 Madonna 1969 Madonna Lily 1934 Magician and Skull nd Magnolia c.1936 Main Square with Flags – Nice 1936 Main Square with Flags – Nice II 1936 Le Manoir Etrange 1980 Marine c.1947 Marlowe's Faust 1931 Mars Opposition Saturn c.1941 Marsh Spectre 1966 Marsh Spirit 1971 Mausoleum c.1944 Mediterranean Buildings 1938 Mediterranean Terraces 1938 Memories of Mount Etna II 1979 The Men an Tol nd The Men an Tol 1940 Mephistopheles and Faust c.1950 Middle East 1940 Middle Eastern Landscape 1971 Milledge c.1936 Mirror Overflowing 1976 Miss Dittmer 1934 Misty Sunrise 1978 Moment of Death 1946 Monogamy c.1940 Monogamy c.1940 Moon-bird 1977 Moonlight through Mist 1978 Morning Glory I 1933 Morning Glory II 1933 Morphological Study I c.1940 Morphological Study II c.1940 Morrab Magnolia 1956 Mound of Tumiac, Ile de Rhuys 1970 Mountain at Delphi c.1936 Mountain Valley at Sunset 1977 Mrs Paul c.1929 Mutant c.1968 Myconos c.1936 Mystic Figure c.1942 Mystical Scene nd Nasturtiums 1933 Nativity c.1929 Nessus Divesting himself of his Shirt nd
Nest Among Leaves c.1947 Night and Day 1971 Night Pools 1978 Night Sky 1971 Night-Star 1963 Night Storm at Sea 1969 Night Sunflowers c.1947 Notre Dame - La Cathédrale Façade 1976 Nova 1967 Nuclear explosion 'Bikini' see Bikini Object Painting 1966 The Octopus c.1941 Oil on the Beach 1949 Oil on a Wet Road 1963 Oil-and-Water-Nymph 1964 On the Beach 1947 Once in a Green Moon 1979 Onions c.1962 The Opal (I) 1940 The Opal (II) 1940 Open Entrance 1971 Orange Lilies 1972 Orange Lilies 1981 Oranges and Grapes 1962 Orchid in a Glass Jar 1934 Orchids 1938 Oread 1970 Oriental Dancer c.1929 Oriental Pheasant c.1942 Orpheus and Euridice nd Our Lady of Gracious Living 1963 Painting nd Painting II 1934 Palmistry c.1972 Past and Future 1972 Paysage de Menton c.1933 Pears 1937 Pebbles in a Rockpool 1980 ‘Pénil des Mennirs’ 1943 Penis nd Pentagram Flowers 1981 Permutation (I) 1969 Permutation (II) 1969 Permutation (III) 1969 Perspective Study c.1932 Petit Menage nd Petits Fours 1965 Le Phare 1939 Philosopher’s Stone 1942 The Pine Family 1940 Pine Mother nd Pisces c.1947 Pitcher-plant c.1936 Pitcher-plant c.1936 Plant Forms 1977
Plants in a Window c.1936 Polarity 1952 Pomegranate Flowers 1932 Pools in Sand 1970 Pools Undersea 1977 Poppy 1981 Popular Heroes 1967 Porch 1964 Portrait c.1936 Portrait of an Artist 1940 Portrait of an Artist – Kathleen Guthrie nd Portrait of a Deaf Boy 1982 Portrait of a Dignitary 1970 Portrait of HG Payne 1930 Portrait study of Lucy Cornford 1937 Potentate nd Potentate (I) 1963 Potentate (I1) 1963 Prickly Pear – Teneriffe 1936 Primal Fire 1978 Primordial Slime 1966 Pygmalion and Galatea c.1954 Puzzle c.1947 Quilt Drying – Greece 1933 Quarry Mechanism 1967 Rails 1936 Rare Fruit c.1941 Red Lilies in a Greenhouse c.1981 Red Lily, Red Rose 1972 Reflection I c.1936 Reflection II c.1936 Ripples 1971 Rising Sap 1972 Rivières Tièdes 1939 Rock Pool 1947 Rock Pool 1977 Rocky Island 1969 Rocky Island 1974 Roderick Usher 1933 Room with a View 1964 Roman Sun 1947 [La Rose] c. 1945 Rose of Jericho c.1936 Rose of the Palace of Fire 1969 A Rose is a Rose is a Rose 1980 Roses and Rosewood II 1980 Roses in a Blue Glass 1974 Rose in a Red Vase 1976 Roses in a Red Vase 1980 Roses in a Vase 1963 Rossbeigh c.1949 Russet Island – Corsica 1938
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