ithell colquhoun magician born of nature
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solo exhibitions Note: the Exeter (1972), Newlyn (1976), and Parkin (1977) catalogues refer to a 1939 exhibition at the London Gallery. It was, in fact, held at the Mayor Gallery. It was arranged by ELT Mesens of the London Gallery but held at the Mayor Gallery so that Mesens could extend his current show of Picasso at the London Gallery. 1936  Cheltenham, Municipal Art Gallery. 8 February - 7 March. Exhibition of Decorations, Paintings and Drawings.  Ninety one items.   1936  London, Fine Art Society. 4 – 11 November. Exotic Plant Decorations. Catalogue introduction by Frank Rutter. Twenty five items.  ca.1937  London, Heal's Mansard Gallery.  20 October - ?   Exotic Plant Decorations.   No catalogue known. 1938  London, Whiteley's. No catalogue known. 1938  London, The Everyman Theatre Foyer. No catalogue known. 1939  London, Mayor Gallery. 9 – 24 June. Sixteen items 1947  London, Mayor Gallery. 5 - 29 March. Exhibition of Paintings by Ithell Colquhoun. Catalogue introduction by E Hartley Ramsden. Twenty one items. 1947  London, Mayor Gallery. 3 – 24 December. Exhibition of Drawings by Ithell Colquhoun. Twenty three items.   1953  Cambridge, Heffer Gallery. 20 April – 9 May.  Ithell Colquhoun. Paintings and Drawings 1942-1953. Catalogue introduction by Lawrence Alloway. Forty seven items.   1957  London, Gallery 1. 4-25 June. Ithell Colquhoun: Exhibition of Paintings in Gouaches and Coloured Inks.   Twenty two items. 1961  Penzance, Newlyn Art Gallery. 2 – 27 October. Ithell Colquhoun: Retrospective Exhibition of Oil Paintings.   Forty items.   1967  Penzance, Newlyn Art Gallery. 25 September - 10 October. Ithell Colquhoun: Constructions and Collages.  Thirty six items. 1969  Berlin. Kunstamt Wilmersdorf. September. Ithell Colquhoun: Paintings Twenty five items. 1969  Hamburg, Gallerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst. 29 October – 24 November. Ithell Colquhoun: Constructions and Collages.  Twenty eight items. 1970  Bristol, Bristol Arts Centre. 11 July – 1 August. Ithell Colquhoun: Paintings, Constructions, Collages. Sixty two items.   1971  Penzance, Newlyn Art Gallery. 12 – 24 July. Ithell Colquhoun: Montages, Gouaches, Collages. Forty items. 1972  Exeter, Museum and Art Gallery. 26 September– 21 October. Ithell Colquhoun: Paintings, Collages and Drawings. Catalogue introduction by Andrew McLaren Young. Sixty five items.   1973  Penzance, Orion Gallery. 4-22 September. Ithell Colquhoun: Flower and Plant Paintings. Thirty items. 1974  London, Leva Gallery. 29 October – 16 November.  Ithell Colquhoun: An Exhibition of Surrealist Paintings and Drawings from 1930-1950. Thirty five items.   1976  Penzance, Newlyn Art Gallery. 27 February - 23 March. Ithell Colquhoun: Surrealism, Paintings, Drawings, Collages 1936-76. Catalogue introduction by John Halkes and with an autobiographical essay by the artist. Eighty seven items. 1977  Penzance, Newlyn Art Gallery. 26 July – 13 August. The Taro as Colour. Seventy eight cards mounted in five frames, consisting of the four suits and the major arcana. 1977  London, The Parkin Gallery. 9 November - 3 December. Ithell Colquhoun: Paintings and Drawings 1930-40. Catalogue introduction by Michael Parkin. Fifty five items.   1980  Penzance, The Framers Gallery. 6 – 17 May. Ithell Colquhoun: Early Watercolours and Gouaches.  Thirty five items.   1980  Torrington, The Plough Gallery. 29 October – 29 November. Ithell Colquhoun: Early Watercolours and Gouaches.  Twenty items, being those that were unsold at the earlier exhibition at the Framer’s Gallery.   1981  Penzance, The Framer’s Gallery. 26 May – 9 June. Ithell Colquhoun: Flowers – Early and Late. Thirty seven items. 2016 Penzance, Penlee House Gallery and Museum. 15 January – 19 March. Ithell Colquhoun: Image and Imagination. Thirty items.    
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